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Eric Huang

Thank you very much for your quick response and correction!

Ms. Huang should also tell you that Kevin got the highest score in the four parts of listening, speaking, reading and writing in his first TOEFL simulation test. In fact, writing should be the most difficult part for Chinese children.

He has benefitted a lot from your class, and every time he finishes the homework and writes the article, it is a good practice and reflection.

Kevin likes the atmosphere and interactive content of your class very much. And as parents, we also pay much attention on the evaluation you give Kevin at the end of each study period. So that we can understand his strengths and weaknesses, and urge him to make better progress.

Much appreciation on the efforts you made on the kids’ class!

Family from
Houston, Texas

Thank you so much for your fantastic service. My son was tutored in AP English and has just received his score of Level 5. We are both delighted with his result.

Harvinder & Family
San Jose, California

Great Experience with Tutor Selection

I heard about this site from a friend and I am extremely pleased with the service and the quality of tutor we have received. We are extremely happy and blessed to get a tutor like Derek, who is prompt respectful, thorough with his knowledge about the English subject. Looking forward to long time help, he has been an immediate source of help and inspiration for my child.