Derek Donson, Founder

I am passionate about helping others to reach new levels in English studies. Writing is a fantastic way to communicate, and it is a great tool for thinking with nuance and clarity especially about complex topics. I know this first-hand from attending Brigham Young University, University of California Riverside, and receiving a Degree from Riverside College. I have mentored Graduate level English students in writing since 2010. Watching each student improve, in writing and reading, is what motivates me to continue tutoring.

In order to help each student achieve their writing goals, I offer concrete and measurable assignments that are focused on building up their strengths and overcoming areas of weaknesses. Whatever the level of your student’s writing, I will guide them by using assignments that increase their skills and their confidence. In the process, I will offer constructive feedback and make a point to have enjoy the English language

Whether we work together online on writing style, research strategies, English conversational speaking, test prep, or the foundations of reading comprehension and vocabulary, I will make this fun and give your student the tools they need to succeed. So please get in touch to schedule a meeting today!