The links on the Creative Writing page are for students who are interested in creative writing rather than essay or academic writing. The sites listed here will give you information about writing as a career.

SITE DESCRIPTION: This site offers a free creative writing course and a writer's e-zine.

ABC's of the Writing Process

SITE DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this site is to provide a user friendly online resource, for students or teachers, no matter what they are being challenged to write.

A Cappela Publishing

SITE DESCRIPTION: Inside this site you'll be shown how to write it, how you can successfully market what you write to magazines and book publishers, and how you can choose the publishing option that's best for you.

Your guide through the processes of writing, marketing and publishing is Patrika Vaughn ~ your Author’s Advocate.

Creative Writing for Teens

SITE DESCRIPTION: This site contains numerous topics about writing from grammar to finding the character names you need.

The Fiction Writer's Journey

SITE DESCRIPTION: If you've reached this page, you have a desire to write. You may or may not be aware of your talent, but that's irrelevant at this point; talent reveals itself in the learning of craft and your dedication to the art. What's important is that you want to write. You have a thirst, a hunger that will not go away.

Writer's Resource Center

A site designed for budding writer's. You will find great information and writing exercises on this site.


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