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Classic Notes

SITE DESCRIPTION: Chapter summaries, analysis, themes and links.

Emily Bronte

SITE DESCRIPTION: Information about the author, characters, and plot.

Online Literary Criticism

SITE DESCRIPTION: This site contains excellent online literary criticism for the novel. Another great page from the Internet Public Library.

The Magnanimity of Wuthering Heights

SITE DESCRIPTION: An essay about the novel.

Wuthering Heights

SITE DESCRIPTION: Another notes site with information about plot, characters, and theme.

Notes on Wuthering Heights

SITE DESCRIPTION: These notes were designed and intended to accompany discussion in specific classes, and are probably unsuitable as research material for assignments in other classes. Please note that while I appreciate comments, I cannot offer online assistance to people not registered in my courses.

Novel Analysis

SITE DESCRIPTION: This site has metaphor analysis, theme analysis, and character analysis.

Searching Wuthering Heights

SITE DESCRIPTION: Go to this site to search for specific words or phrases from the text. This site can save you a lot of valuable study time.

Wuthering Heights Review

This site will help you to review the novel. It contains questions on all of the chapters.

Wuthering Heights Study Guide

SITE DESCRIPTION: This site looks at the narrative structure of the novel and provides questions for discussion.

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