Chao Mugger: A great site with a lot of information about the novel.

Jane Eyre Index Page: Contains notes on the novel, lecture notes, and student commentary.

Charlotte's Web: Charlotte's Web was constructed by students in English 434 (The Nineteenth-Century English Novel) during Winter Term 1997 using Storyspace hypertext authoring software. The Web consists of interlinked student research projects on a variety of topics, all of them connected to Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre.

Classic Notes: This site contains essays and a message board.

Fire and Water Imagery: An essay.

Jane Eyre: An Overview: A great site with a tremendous amount of information about Bronte and the novel.

Jane Eyre Appreciation Page

Novel Guide: An analysis of the novel.

On-line Literature: The complete text of the novel.

Papers on Charlotte Bronte: A variety of papers on various topics.

Timothy Dalton's Web Site: A review of Jane Eyre

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